Tasty Hokkaido Bafun Uni ( 300 gr.tray )

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Uni has a deep, buttery flavor packed with umami, and a luscious texture that melts on the palate. 300 gr gray tray, or

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These sensations pair with a brisk, invigorating fragrance of the ocean, leading many to describe eating uni as experiencing the very essence of the sea. 

Bafun Uni comes from petite green sea urchins with small, vibrantly yellow and orange roe referred to as “tongues.”

Narabi trays are the most popular presentation, with tongues arranged in parallel, showcasing their color and structure as transparently as possible.

In most circumstances, only the three highest grades of uni are suited to this manner of presentation, as its lack of complexity renders any imperfections conspicuous. 

Sourced from the world’s most venerated and prolific uni producing region of Hokkaido, Japan, this uni is available in three exquisite presentations.

Each sea urchin contains five ‘lobes’ and the harvesting of the uni is a very delicate process as the meat easily falls apart.

Uni is a somewhat seasonal item and is at its best when served from late fall through the winter, with December considered the best month by Japanese standards.

The Different Grades of Uni sushi

Uni has historically been graded based on color, texture, and freshness. There are three primary grades, that take into account variables such as color, texture, size, and overall appeal. From “best” to “still good but not perfect, the grades are:

  1. Grade A Uni – This is the highest grade and is a bright yellow/gold (Grade A) with a firm texture and somewhat sweet. It is obviously the most sought after as the texture, color, sweetness, and overall flavor and presentation is impeccable. This grade is uni in its purest form
  2. Grade B Uni – This is a more muted yellow and has a softer texture and is less sweet, but still has a pleasant flavor, and offers a subdued but similar experience as grade A, It is often combined with other items, or not served on its own as while it is still a tasty experience, if you’re used to grade A, it’s not quite the same.
  3. Grade C Uni – This is referred to as ‘ vana‘ and is often the parts left over from uni that has broken apart during processing or handling. It is rarely eaten “as is” but is used to flavor dishes, from pastas to soups, or anything that may benefit from the unique “sea and umami” flavor that sea urchin may impart. While some look down on this particular grade, it can add an incredible depth of flavor to dished.


  • Bara-style & Narabi-Style uni is available for nationwide shipping and comes encased in a tightly sealed, wooden box to protect it during shipping. Please be aware that the uni tongues may shift in transit and that we unfortunately cannot offer credits or refunds for “shifted uni”. **Please note that this product can vary in size between 250-300g due to seasonality and product size. 
  • Ensui-style uni is available for nationwide shipping and travels incredibly well due to its salt water brine. Please note that you will need to rinse the tongues in cold water to remove any residual brine liquid before consuming for best flavor.

9 reviews for Tasty Hokkaido Bafun Uni ( 300 gr.tray )

  1. Alejandro Royale

    At first, I was hesitant to try the milt, but I’m so happy I did! The taste is unforgettable.

  2. Camila silas

    Sea Urhin roe has a buttery texture and melts in your mouth.

  3. Eloise Campala Elisa

    If you want a new seafood experience, try Uni Roe from here. The taste was in the pudding, and the quality was awesome.

  4. Oscar Oscar

    A perfect combination of flavors and aroma is sushi rice and Uni.

  5. Queen Eleanor

    “Until I ate uni, I didn’t think sea urchins were that delicious. lol. Big ups guys

  6. Miles Eddy

    Sea urchin roe taste is subtle yet unique and truly delightful to the palate.

  7. Mateo Del Mayo

    Sea urchin roe adds a luxurious flavor to any fish dish. Next time I need my uni in a more luxurious pack.

  8. Lucy Pearl

    Fucking irresistible. As soon as our got it, I was already on my way to order some more. Its taste soo unique taste, Omg

  9. Mae Luz

    If you like caviar, you’ll adore the rich and awesome taste of sea urchin even more bout 4x.

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