Premium Maine Bafun Uni in Salt Water ( 160 g)


Uni is harvested from sea urchins found on the ocean floor. It is one of the few remaining delicacies that are harvested wild from the wild. An expensive but delightful morsel of food.

Sea urchin is rich in protein and dietary fiber, minerals (such as zinc) and Beta Carotene, which it gets from its kelp diet.

It is also high in Vitamins C and A, which are usually found in dark leafy greens and winter squash.

Like many fatty fish such as salmon, sea urchin is high in omega-3 fatty acids.

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Uni is one of our absolute favorite collections, and we take tremendous pride in all of the selections we’re able to source throughout the year.

Though nothing beats the magic of a fresh, meticulously arranged “Select” Tray, this “Ensui” (salt water-packed) format is signficantly more approachable, in terms of price, longevity, and ease of transport.

Precisely, you can keep uni for up to 2 days in your fridge after receiving it for consumption as sashimi (and up to 5-7 days if cooked for example, in pasta).

Also, make sure not to freeze it for sashimi because you will end up in losing its texture if that is important to you.

Though typically called sea urchin roe, uni is actually the sex organ that produces roe, sometimes referred to as the gonads or corals.

Five strips or “tongues” of uni live within the structure of an urchin. They are usually orange or yellowish, and do resemble tongues, with the consistency of a firm custard

With salinity that carefully mimics the Atlantic sea waters these urchins called home, this is by far the most sustainable and delicious way to store uni.

its high cost is due to the fact that harvesting uni and cleaning sea urchins to reach uni is no easy task


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