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Most of this abalones are found in cold water along the coast of New Zealand, Nigeria,

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The stem or the rhizome is the most valuable part of the wasabi plant. These Dutch grown wasabi rhizomes toke 18-24 months to grow full-size. They are harvested to order to ensure their freshness. Sizes vary between 30 and 100 grams

Our Daruma variety of wasabi is hydroponically grown on the California Coast. Not quite as spicy as the Japanese varieties, Daruma is perfect for the wasabi novice. Mild in flavor, this wasabi grates into an ivory-white paste.

Although Wasabi is low in calories, fat, and sugars, it can be high in sodium, so it’s important to pay attention to labels when purchasing this green condiment. The following nutrition information, for 1 tablespoon (16 grams) of wasabi paste has been provided by the USDA.

Calories: 47 Fat: 1.7g 

Sodium: 542mg 

Carbohydrates: 7.4g 

Fiber: 1g Sugars: 2.1g

 Protein: 0.4g

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What does real wasabi taste like

Our Japanese Buy real wasabi is wholly sourced from Shizuoka prefecture, in particular the Amagi area. Famous for wasabi cultivation, Amagi

 produces excellent quality wasabi derived from ideal conditions and centuries of knowledge. Sizes of wasabi stems are normally within the range

 80g to 200g, if you have a particular size requirement, please add a note during checkout and we will do our best to fulfil this. Varieties will vary

 throughout the year depending on availability, this ensures we are able to maintain a reliable supply of the best quality fresh wasabi. Fresh Buy

 real wasabi is classically paired with sushi and sashimi. Versatile in the extreme fresh wasabi can also flavour dressings, butters, sauces, ceviches,


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The plant grows naturally along stream beds in mountain river valleys in Japan. The two main cultivars in the marketplace are E. japonicum

 ‘Daruma’ and ‘Mazuma’, but there are many others. The oldest record of wasabi as a food dates to the 8th century CE. The popularity of Buy real wasabi English-speaking countries has tracked that of sushi, growing steadily starting in about 1980. So Buy real wasabi.

 sorbets, foams and freshly grated will accompany meat or fish. 250g Fresh wasabi should be stored in the fridge – see details here Stores well in the fridge for 14 days Wasabi will not grow well from rhizomes, please purchase Buy real wasabi plants if you are keen to grow your own In Japan, no variety of wasabi is as revered as Mazuma. Buy real wasabi It has the most intense flavor, the creamiest texture, and retains its vibrant green color even after grating.

where can I buy real wasabi online
 – ( We ensure quality and flavors)

Though most regard wasabi as a familiar flavor, it is a wildly rare ingredient to come upon in its true form. The reason for this is simple: wasabi is one of the world’s most difficult and expensive plants to cultivate, and these costs are almost impossibly high if aspiring toward a commercial, cost-effective scale. Buy real wasabi requires an extremely particular perennial climate – moderate temperature, shelter from direct sunlight, seasonally high humidity, and a consistent supply of clean, flowing water without stagnation. 

Wasabi root (actually rhizome) is shipped trimmed as shown with approximately 2 inches of stem and no roots.  (Grated rhizome with steel grater is shown for reference).  Most rhizomes are approximately 2 ounces/60 grams in weight.  Weight / size does not affect taste.  Once the plant is mature, the plant’s flavor is uniform through all rhizome sizes.  Of course, we only harvest when the plant is mature. Buy real wasabi Grater included free with purchase of 1 pound or more.

Where can I buy real wasabi online

These conditions are most classically exemplified in certain pockets of the Japanese mountains, but even there, it takes years for a single stem to progress from seed to harvestable crop.

Offered in increments of 1/2 lb. and 1lb. Buy real wasabi

There’s a good chance you’ve never tasted it, even if you love sushi! What is wasabi, anyway? That light green paste sitting next to your California

 roll, or offered as an addition to your poke bowl, is known as wasabi. However, there’s at least a 90% chance that it’s not really wasabi. In fact, most

 people live their whole lives without consuming real wasabi. What is wasabi? Wasabi is most commonly known as the spicy green paste served as

 a condiment to all forms of sushi. But you can use wasabi to spice up any recipe, like these Wasabi Beef Fajitas. True wasabi is made from the

 rhizome (like a plant stem that grows underground where you would expect to see a root) of the Wasabia japonica plant.

Due to issues that limit the Japanese Buy real wasabi plant’s mass cultivation and thus increases its price and decreases availability, outside of Japan the Western Horseradish plant is generally used in place of the Japanese Horseradish. This version is commonly referred to as “Western

 Wasabi” in Japan. We source our fresh wasabi from the very best regions in Japan such as Nagano, Shizuoka, or Izu.

A well established plant will send large heart shaped leaves 60cm high, making a striking feature in a shady spot where other plants might

 struggle to gather enough light. These leaves will die back in winter as all the plants energy travels down into the rhizomes that will be forming at

 the base of the stems. These precious rhizomes are swollen stems, not roots, and they hold the vital goodness that will carry the plant through

 winter and see it re-grow with vigour the following spring. Wasabi will survive temperatures down to –5ºC, to protect it from those really cold

 nights some straw or fleece covering the crown of the plant is a good idea. Patience is a virtue with Buy real wasabi and the reward of harvesting

 and grating your own fresh wasabi paste will be all the sweeter for the two years it can take to yield the famously pungent rhizomes.  Leaves and

 stems are edible and these can be picked in small numbers throughout spring and summer to spice up a salad whilst you wait for rhizomes to

 form. In March and April long stems holding a cluster of delicately scented white flowers will appear, these can be eaten raw or fried in tempura

 batter if you are out to impress. Buy real wasabi

Accepting orders for small but well-rooted, authentic Buy real wasabi japonica plants. 

These are disease free Wasabi plants produced via tissue-culture from our strongest stock. Shipped with an ice pack to protect Wasabi plants 

from overheating during transport. Read our article on Growing Real Wasabi Plants. Below is a message I recently received from a customer with photographs. Doug – Thanks for the note. We live sorta near the Cullowhee farm in Highlands, NC. 

My first order several years ago was 6 starter plants that I planted in a natural spring run on our property. This year was my first harvest and

 I got some really good rhizomes and divided others so now I’m up to ~40 plants. The reason I placed this order is that my wife loves fresh Wasabi

 so much that she keeps inviting folks over for sushi nights and I ran out of my own for this year! 

Below are some before/after pictures of my original plants and the results. I would love the opportunity to check out your Cullowhee place and

 learn more about Wasabi. Wasabi Plants, Real Authentic Wasabia Plants. Buy real wasabi

REAL WASABI ROOTS (RHIZOMES) PLEASE NOTE: The supply of fresh wasabi rhizomes in America has been under severe demand pressure for the

 past few years. Supply is improving but at the same time environmental pressures have resulted in delayed and lower harvests. 

Overall, many efforts are being made to increase supply, but since it takes up to two years from planting to harvest, these things take time: 

The great news is we are closely networked with other cooperative wasabi growers to allow year round deliveries. Buy real wasabi has been an

 important ingredient in Japanese cuisine for centuries, also known as Japanese horseradish; its Latin name is wasabi japonica. As any true sushi

 connoisseur knows, Buy real wasabi rhizomes are a rare hard-to-find treat, but you can get them here; available in 1/2 Lb., 1 Lb, 2 Lb. 3 Lb. and 5 Lb.


Note: wasabi grater ONLY included in purchase of one pound or more.  Grater can be ordered separately, but is included free with one pound or

 more. Shipping / ordering: We harvest our wasabi to order.  Buy real wasabi orders are harvested weekly each week of the year

 (year-round – wasabi has no season).  Orders placed by Saturday at midnight Pacific Standard Time will be harvested the following Tuesday and

 shipped the following day (Wednesday).  Orders received after Saturday at midnight will be harvested one week later (e.g. an order arrives Friday, June 1st and is harvested Tuesday June 5th and shipped Wednesday the 6th.  Order arrives Sunday June 3rd, it is harvested Tuesday June 12; one week later). Delivery is typically Fridays. Buy real wasabi

 After 18-24 months you will be able to see and feel rhizomes that grow up from the crown of the plant. When you can wait no longer pull the

 whole plant and carefully break apart for an eye-watering harvest to share with friends over sushi or in any of the delicious recipes and serving

 suggestions you will find on our website or by following us or where can I buy real wasabi online on social media. We think we hold the British record at 377g for a single rhizome, 

Buy real wasabi if anyone can beat that we would prefer you keep it to yourself and not break our hearts! All plants are now shipped with coir pots,

 not plastic.


Beware, if you’ve never tried the real deal before, you might not be too happy the next time you go to a sushi bar and they serve the 

green-colored horseradish, AKA wasabi. If you love sushi and have never tried “Real Wasabi”, then grated fresh Buy real wasabi japonica rhizomes are a treat you will surely remember fondly. If you’ve had fresh wasabi before, then please share this special treat with your friends and family. 

Processing The wasabi paste is created by grating the wasabi rhizome. This paste gives a sharp kick with a sweet aftertaste. This taste arises

 because the cells are grated and react with the air. A standard kitchen grater is not suitable for grating wasabi. Use a good wasabi grater to get a

 nice wasabi paste with the right taste. After grating, the wasabi can be used fresh for about 15 minutes. Of course you can also use the wasabi in a

 recipe. The pungency remains best recognizable in greasy recipes. However, wasabi gives it its own “wasabi” flavor in addition to a sharp taste.

 Storing If the wasabi rhizome is delivered vacuum sealed, open the package upon arrival by e.g. cutting in the top part of the packaging. 

The key is to prevent the rhizome to dry out too much while providing enough fresh our preventing the head to deteriorate too fast. 

As a result, the wasabi can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks, where can I buy real wasabi online

Sometimes the outside gets a little brown or the head a bit dry or soft. Cut the head off or scrape a thin layer of the rhizome. Therefore Buy real wasabi

The inside will be untouched. The Honzo Waymo is Japan’s oldest botanical dictionary believed to have been compiled in the year 918. 

The dictionary included numerous references to wasabi, which was then being used medicinally and was considered an antidote to food poisoning. Fresh wasabi rhizomes have many wonderful uses above and beyond sushi. Place your order for beautiful Wasabi japonica rhizomes for today! Moreover, see our recipe pages and serving suggestions;

How much does wasabi cost UK


REAL WASABI POWDER 100% PURE WASABIA JAPONICA POWDER No horseradish, fillers, colorants or additives. Hydrate by adding an equal

 measure of water. Cover and wait ten-fifteen minutes for flavor. 2.5 KG Sealed Foil Bag containing Our Buy real wasabi powder is also available in 1

 Lb. bag, or small, medium and large consumer size jars. With patience it is possible to dry and process Wasabia Japonica to preserve its

 remarkable, pungent and nuanced flavors.  How much does wasabi cost uk it timely harvesting, proper handling, painstaking processing and careful freeze-drying techniques,

 the distinctive characteristics of fresh wasabi can be coaxed out and reproduced with remarkable closeness to the flavor of freshly grated wasabi.

 Most faux “wasabi” products contain no true wasabi at all. how much does wasabi cost uk, Our carefully freeze dried, Real Wasabi™ wholesale powder contains only 100% natural,

 authentic Buy real wasabi japonica. how much does wasabi cost uk This carefully formulated powder is alive and not for everyone as it requires patient handling to coax out the

 nuanced flavors. REAL WASABI POWDER VARIANTS AVAILABLE IN BULK Wasabi Powder in bulk, in addition to our Classic Buy real wasabi Powder we offer 100% pure Wasabia japonica Rhizome powder.  It is a bit more bitter than our culinary blend due to higher concentrations of

 isothiocyanates.  Nutraceutical formulators or persons focused primarily deriving nutraceutical value of Wasabia japonica often prefer 100% Pure Rhizome Powder. where can I buy real wasabi online

 How much does wasabi cost per pound

All of our Buy real wasabi Wholesale Powders are 100% derived from Wasabia japonica plants grown under natural conditions.  

While produced using sustainable, all-natural methods, our Real Wasabi powders are not certified organic nor are they kosher certified. 

We do not certify nor assure any specific levels of precursor glucosinolates nor ITC’s, but our powders consistently test very well in comparison to

 other global suppliers.  Having been more than vetted by Food manufacturers, Nutraceutical formulators, Breweries, Food Packers and

 Pharmaceutical firms, we are confident that our Buy real wasabi Powders will continue to test superior against others. 

Our supply typically refreshes two or more times per year so it remains fresh. Our Buy real wasabi Wholesale Powders are packed in 2.5 KG Foil

 Bags, six (6) per carton, so a full carton contains 15 KG.  This powder remains potent for at least two years if appropriately kept cool, dry and away

 from light. For formulators, manufacturers or culinarians who prefer blending their own, we also offer Real Wasabi Leaf and Real Wasabi Stem

 Powder (2.5 KG minimum). How much does wasabi cost uk

Health Benefits In addition to adding a flavor punch to your foods, wasabi offers a number of important health benefits. Where can I buy real wasabi online Here’s how wasabi may benefit your health. Antioxidants Reduce Inflammation Wasabi root is rich in antioxidants, especially one

 called allyl isothiocyanate.3 This compound, also responsible for wasabi’s pungent smell, may have a role to play in reducing inflammation

 throughout the body. Buy real wasabi Research shows that high-antioxidant diets are associated with reduced risk of inflammation-driven

 diseases and health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.4 May Help Fight Certain Cancers Some research has explored how 

the isothiocyanates in wasabi and other cruciferous vegetables could help prevent cancer.5 While it does appear that these compounds can have

 anti-tumor activity, more research is needed to determine exactly how (and how much) wasabi could combat cancer. 

Could Reduce Food Poisoning Risks If the fish in your sushi takeout was past its prime, the green paste on your plate just might help your body

 overcome the risk of food poisoning. A 2016 study found that wasabi had antibacterial properties that could fight e. coli and Staphylococcus

 aureus—two pathogens that frequently cause food-borne illness.6 Could Combat Stomach Ulcers It might seem like a food as spicy as wasabi

 would only aggravate stomach ulcers, but the opposite may actually be true. One study showed that Japanese and Korean wasabi were effective

 for killing three different strains of H. pylori.7 This bacteria is commonly responsible for causing stomach ulcers.8 (However, research has yet to

 determine whether eating wasabi is an effective treatment for ulcers.) Adds Low-Calorie Flavor to Foods Last but not least, you may want to add

 wasabi to your condiment arsenal because it packs a lot of flavor in a low-calorie package. One tablespoon of wasabi is usually sufficient to

 accompany an entire roll of sushi (for under 50 calories). Allergies As with any food, it is possible to be allergic to wasabi. Many people feel like a

 too-large bite clears their sinuses, but an allergic reaction will be much more dramatic, potentially including wheezing, hives, itching in the mouth,

 stomach pain, or diarrhea. Where can I buy real wasabi online  In the case of faux wasabi pastes, some people may also experience an allergic

 reaction to food colorings used to create its green color. Adverse Effects You aren’t likely to experience long-term adverse health effects from

 eating wasabi, but in the short term, too much of it could make you uncomfortable. Some people don’t like the strong, sinus-clearing sensation

 wasabi can create in the mouth and nose. For others, the spiciness of wasabi could lead to an attack of heartburn or stomach upset. 

Additionally, the high sodium content in some wasabi pastes could be problematic for people on a low-sodium diet.


Buy real wasabi | where can I buy real wasabi online | how much does wasabi cost uk | how much does wasabi cost per pound | what does real wasabi taste like |

how much does wasabi cost per pound, what does real wasabi taste like