Premium Vana Grade Uni ( 17 oz)


Size: 17 oz block of special delights.

May be enjoyed raw but is more often used for adding creamy texture and umami flavor to soups, sauces and pastas.

Great for uses in cooked dishes like pasta, egg dishes, or prepared as bottarga.

Thaw immediately before use. Some thawing may naturally occur during transit, freeze upon receipt.

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This is referred to as ‘ vana‘ and is often the parts left over from uni that has broken apart during processing or handling.

It is rarely eaten “as is” but is used to flavor dishes, from pastas to soups, or anything that may benefit from the unique “sea and umami” flavor that sea urchin may impart.

  • Frozen
  • Ocean-fresh taste with slightly bitter finish and melty, ultra-soft texture
  • Not recommended for high end sushi presentations due to its melty consistency

While some look down on this particular grade, it can add an incredible depth of flavor to dished.


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