Murasaki San Diego Uni ( 200gr tray )

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Sea urchin in Santa Barbara & San Diego is typically larger & sweeter than the prized Bafun uni in Japan. Cracked, packed, and shipped fresh the same day. Uni Shutou is a popular alternative to our fresh uni. Inventory updated weekly.

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Though the world’s most revered uni comes from Hokkaido, we daresay that these extremely fresh catches from California can compete with the Japanese, at least in terms of sheer culinary delightfulness.

This San Diego Murasaki uni is as bright and vivacious in flavor as it is in color, replete with tropical fruits like mango and pineapple, a lusciously creamy texture, and a brisk, saline finish.

As with Japanese Murasaki uni, Californian renditions of this species evoke high-toned, floral flavors and aromatics, with delicate sweetness and minerality that are best exemplified when served raw.

Sea Urchin Quality And Pricing


Obviously, the higher the grade, the higher the price, and fresh uni taken directly from a living sea urchin will command the highest price (and is worth the experience as uni this fresh is noticeably different from uni that was processed 24 plus hours beforehand).

Uni is also available fresh (nama uni), frozen (reito uni), baked and frozen (yaki uni), steamed (mushi uni), and salted (shio uni), which is usually reserved for the lower grades of uni.

The color and quality of uni is largely dependent on its diet, gender, and time of harvest.

Uni is also available as neri uni (blended urchin paste) and tsubi uni (a lumpy paste).

Size is also important as some lobes of uni can be too large for a piece of sushi.

12 reviews for Murasaki San Diego Uni ( 200gr tray )

  1. Pablo Dy

    Sea urchin roe may be an acquired taste, there’s no turning back lol once you know it. It’s simple. Thanks guys

  2. Daisy James

    Uni roes creamy texture and saltiness makes it one of my fav seafood delicacies, no cap.

  3. Isabella Graham

    If you’ve never tried sea urchins, what are you waiting for?” Every penny is worth it! ” go.

  4. Olive Salvador

    Uni makes everything from pasta to sushi rolls even crazier and more delicious.

  5. Elliora Chika

    You got yourself a new customer, legitly.

  6. Audrey

    The Umami of Uni will uplift any dish. super

  7. Maria Jose Lily

    Sea urchin roe is a must-have on any seafood lover’s wish list. So I don’t understand when you guys delayed my pack. Anyways I enjoyed the product but the delay killed the enthusiasm.

  8. Nathalia of the Nile

    I never thought I’d like eating salmon roe but sea urchin, changed my mind

  9. Mercedes

    The unique taste of sea urchin should be, like a must. Defo tasted once in a lifetime.

  10. David Qin

    I’ve grown to love and appreciate it, It always brings back memory from my home country.

  11. Everett Candice

    Impressing your guest with a menu of Uni and Cavier is the apex of I’m wealthy.

  12. Gracias

    I love it mal

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