Green Wild Ginseng ( 1lb 45-85 yrs)


  • Approximately four pounds of green roots will dry to one pound of dried roots.

  • The age of ginseng root ranges from 45 to 85 Years Old

  • The neck of ginseng root ranges from 2 – 5 inches or longer

  • The average weight of each green ginseng root must be 12 – 45 grams or higher, and each pound of ginseng should contain about 10 to 40 roots.

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  • Root must be without any damage. With lateral roots attached & with the neck attached. And with deep rings on the body of root.

  • Note: DO NOT wash the green root, once washed they will go bad.

Wild Ginseng

Wild ginseng is ginseng that was not planted and is growing, living or found in a natural state.

No license, permit or certification will be issued in Maine for the collection of wild ginseng for the purpose of sale or distribution.

In Maine, ginseng is considered state endangered.

Harvesting wild ginseng is strongly discouraged because populations in the state are not large or vigorous enough to sustain harvesting, even when seeds from harvested plants are re-planted on the same site.

The Maine Natural Areas Program gives ginseng a State Rarity Rank of S3 meaning ginseng has only 20-100 occurences within Maine.

The plant wild sarsaparilla (Aralia nudicaulis) is a common woodland plant in Maine and is frequently confused with ginseng,

leading some to believe that ginseng is much more abundant in the state than it actually is.

Cultivated Ginseng

Cultivated ginseng is any part of a ginseng plant that was planted and grown.

Cultivated ginseng can be grown in prepared beds or be wild simulated ginseng, grown in a wooded site similar to

where ginseng may occur naturally, but where wild ginseng is not established.

In Maine a license is required to grow cultivated ginseng for sale, and certification of the harvested crop is required.

Licensing is also required for dealers that buy ginseng for resale.

Ginseng can be a difficult crop to grow in Maine and while a small number of growers are licensed,

no harvested ginseng has been certified for sale since 2001.


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