Green Wild Ginseng ( 1lb 25-55 yrs)


  • Approximately four pounds of green roots will dry to one pound of dried roots.

  • The age of ginseng root ranges from 25 to 55 Years Old

  • The neck of ginseng root ranges from 1 to 3 inches or longer

  • The average weight of each green ginseng root must be from 5 – 15 plus grams, and each pound of ginseng should contain about 50 to 70 roots

  • Root must be without any damage. With lateral roots attached & with the neck attached. And with deep rings on the body of root.

  • Must contain about 30% bulby round roots.

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Ginseng Licensing

Two types of ginseng licenses are available, a ginseng grower’s license and a ginseng dealer’s license.

First time applicants must speak with an inspector to obtain a ginseng license application,

No grower’s or dealer’s license will be issued in Maine for the collection of wild ginseng for the purpose of sale or distribution.

Grower’s License

A grower’s license is required for persons cultivating ginseng for sale to out-of-state markets. Those applying for a ginseng grower’s license for the first time must:

  • Have a site visit before planting any ginseng to ensure that the planting site is free of wild ginseng
  • Include contact information on the ginseng license application to ensure that inspectors can reach you to schedule a site visit
  • Submit application in time to schedule a site visit before September 1. Site visits for any new applications received after September 1 will be conducted after May 1 of the following year when ginseng plants are actively growing
  • Submit a ginseng grower’s license fee of $10
  • Licenses expire on December 31 of each year and must be renewed annually

In addition grower’s must also keep for a period of 5 years records of:

  • Origin of seed and rootlets for planting
  • Location of beds, including site maps
  • Planting dates
  • Harvesting dates
  • Weight of ginseng harvested
  • Detailed information of sales transactions

Dealer’s License

Persons buying ginseng for resale must have a dealer’s license.

  • Ginseng dealer’s license fees are $25.
  • Licenses expire on December 31 of each year and must be renewed annually.
  • Dealer’s must keep records of transactions.
  • Dealer’s purchasing foreign ginseng must ensure that it is accompanied by a valid certificate issued by the state or country of origin.

What is NCC doing to protect this species’ habitat?

Wild American ginseng can be found at Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) properties in Quebec and Ontario.

These populations are closely monitored, and research has been conducted into increasing its populations through transplants.

NCC does not disclose the location of properties with American ginseng to protect them from poaching.


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